ICE-line: Icelandic Horse Equipment

ICE-line – Equestrian Experience with Passion for more than 30 years!

At the heart of Moosbronn, a pilgrimige place in the Black Forrest near Karlsruhe, ICE-line has ist headqurters close to a stud for Icelandic horses.

For more than 31 years now, we have been successfully running our business with our heart and mind, and are happy to pass our professional expertise on Icelandic horses on to our customers.

Your Aspiration is our Motivation & your Satisfaction is our Goal!

To achieve this, we focus on excellent quality, and modern, youthful design. This becomes clear from our product selection. Please contact us if you are interested in our products!

We are partners oft he following companies:

They enabled us to have high-quality and stylish products of leading manufacturers in our product range. Furthermore, with the HESTELLA product line, we also have a wide range of purely natural products promoting well-being and health of your horse.

Our wide range of products includes everything a rider’s heart desires – find out for yourself!